Find out which folders are taking up the most space on your hard drive


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Getfoldersize is a great way to clean your computer of really heavy files, since it can scan your machine and show the whole folder tree, ordered by file size. Thanks to this, you can find trash files you no longer need, then delete them to make your PC run smoother.

This program gives you broad possibilities, making it much easier to find problems that make your computer slower due to the accumulation of files. With Getfoldersize you can identify all the folders that take up a lot of space, including their files and subfolders. It establishes a specific search process to delete everything you don't need in one shot, such as old videos that take up more than 1 gigabyte, games you haven't played in months, or any specific element you don't use anymore.

The advantage of this program is that it shows you in a very visual way all the folders and subfolders that are ready to be moved or removed. You can browse the system and make sure you don't leave anything there you don't want or track down those folders you no longer remembered existed. This way, you can make sure you delete all the files you no longer use.

Finally, Getfoldersize lets you scan all computers connected to the same network you're using, so you can find trash files on those, too. You can make your computers run more agilely, speed up program loading, and make documents open faster by leaving your system clean of unneeded files.